Kat (chibi_kai) wrote in gagas,

colour bar ^^

the*ga*ga*s are hard rockin' love

made by chibi_kai, CREDIT IF USED!

Enjoy and spread the*ga*ga*s love!
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Thanks ^_^

Like this:

< textarea > the code or whatever here < / textarea >

(just take the spaces out of the tags ^^)
yay! thanks, it kicks my colour bar's assXD
Aww, thank you for displaying it <3 And I liked your one, in fact... two colour bars are better than one <3 So I shall display yours too <3 With credits and stuff <3
rofl, why thank you^^


August 24 2005, 11:51:07 UTC 11 years ago

hello, its liv XP
Lol, hey Liv XD Join LJ!! =D
Cool. Hope you don't mind it's on my info, credited to you. Thanks. :)
Not at all! Thanks for displaying it =D
No problem. Just joined the community. I'll introduce myself at some point in a post.