Less faff more cuddles (uberredfraggle) wrote in gagas,
Less faff more cuddles


just came accross this communtiy when adding Gagas to my interests. I thought of setting up a community for them a while ago but had no net access at the time. Glad soemone else did it though. I recently saw the GaGas at Bulldog Bash where they rocked a lot. I've known Tommy and his family since we were young but am a big fan too. I've just moved house and the first things to go up in my new room were my GaGas posters. :)

I have some pics of the band palying at various different venues so will post some when I manage to get hold of them(on friends comp).

I had a quick flick though Kerrang today and didn't see the guys in anything to do with the awards. :( Shame.
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